Amphibious Lifestyles of the future a big step closer with the History Channels new Idea para Cambiar la Historia contest

The History channel is betting we can come up with a better way to live in its new Latin American contest to change the World.  Costa Rica Nature Conservatory submitted an idea for inclusion in the competition in hopes that the History Changing Idea be somehow related to the preservation of the Marine habitat that comprises over 90% of the water on the earths surface. See additional entries on their site.

Giant Crocodiles of the Tarcoles River

 “Giant Crocodiles of the Tarcoles River” presents a brief view of the saltwater central american crocodile and its relationship to local tourism adventurers in a famous sighting area over the Tarcoles River in Costa Ricas central pacific coast. These are wild animals yet they know instinctively to get along (so to speak) with humans and their particularly odd behaviours, such as feeding them for others entertainment. There are recent incidences proving them relatively safe to trust in their natural ability to destroy the weak in any society including our own however as seen in this recent newspaper report from this very same bridge where the enormous crocodiles are fed. ticotimes. missing man eaten Despite these “accidents”, however, there are many reasons to be fascinated by these magnificent creations of the Universe. In the famous words of Dr. Carl Sagan himself so eloquently phrased, “it does no good whatsoever to ignore the reptilian component of human nature, particularly our ritualistic and hierarchical behavior. On the contrary, the model may help us understand what human beings are all about”. But, to keep things fair it is important to examine other views about fetuses resembling animals as the develop in the womb as some sources have a vested interest in the point of view they reveal.

male ctenosaur hunting for eggs in pochote tree

male ctenosaur hunting for eggs in pochote tree

Costa Rica Territory is home to approximately 225 reptiles, over 70 species of lizards, geckos, Striped basilisk, Ctenosaura and Black and Green iguanas. There are also 120 species of Snakes, boas, colubrids and 20 venomous snakes, including coral snakes, vipers, rattlers, and bushmasters. They all know their place just as do the crocodiles but we have our place too, so be grateful, smart and safe in this amazing cradle of civilization called Costa Rica, you are welcome and being watched by more eyes than you may ever know.

Tayra on The Banks…a study in silence in Costa Rica

Tayra (Eira barbara), also spelled taira, are weasel-like mammals of tropical forests from southern Mexico through South America to northern Argentina. Here one climbs a very large Pochote tree in search of the Ctenosaura that reside in the macaws nest. Observe this sly animal smell its way through the tree in search of any easy feeding opportunity.
These family of the mink, otter, weasels of all sorts are beautiful, graceful expressions of natural balance. It is rare to see these animals in broad daylight unless there is little to no noises from humans or domesticated animals around.
Silence is Golden allows us to see the Truth of the environments health versus its reaction to our encroachments. During the day and night our “nature communities” produce many disturbances so that sightings of these creatures have become a novelty, this is however a symptom of our paranoid habits. Overlighting properties at night is one of the most harmful ways to affect animals and plants but what would we know, we are for the most part asleep, metaphorically speaking. During the day we work and build our “colony” but there is life out there, a lot of variety watching us if we’re lucky. If we are even luckier we will occasionally see it too but just because we live in the jungle does not mean you will have that jungle wildlife experience. You have to change your behaviours in all the ways you can imagine and more if you are to be a positive impact on your surroundings.
Challenging the way we live in our homes and operate our business and lifestyles can have a profound affect on the peace of Nature around us waiting to envelop us in Her amazing Kaleidoscope of Life if we let go of our fears, even if just technically speaking.

World Turtle day in Jaco beach

A promising project that benefits turtles is worthy of re posting on World Turtle Day!
My father turned me on to keeping turtles as pets when I was a child growing up in mid western rural United States. I collected all the species that grew locally and dreamt of protecting their habitats around the world.
As an environmentalist it is a challenge that still confronts us all, will we coexist?
Learn, Love, Conserve, these are the three steps I believe are part of the preservation of this unique and valuable jewel of Universal intelligence, the amazing turtles.

Macaws lose their young in yet another Garrobo raid

Macaws lose their young in yet another Garrobo raid

Scarlets Macaws must fight for their right to reproduce in a tense coexistence with resident Garrobos.
(hear them in this video) clip
In an effort to aid the severely reduced Ara Macao or Scarlet Macaw population to return in greater numbers I have chosen to intervene in as humanely as possible to reduce this predation possibility.
Currently I feel that a small electrified belt tied around the mouth of the nest for a period of time would discourage them from ever returning to the nest as well as may be useful in indoctrinating them to never cross the line whether its on or not.
I will make this device from information on instructables
which is one of the most useful internet sites you can peruse.
I will of course post photos of the project and see if it has any practical value, I’m sure the Macaws are rooting for it!